ANTE PERRY (Dortmund, Germany)

LOULOU Records , Katermukke, Kittball
You can say what you want about the Ruhr area - for its honest, direct and blunt nature it is appreciated everywhere. The people here are open-hearted and down to earth. The same in Dortmund. The largest city in the Ruhr area is proud of things like its premier club Borussia Dortmund, Signal Iduna Park - the largest football stadium in Germany and home of Borussia Dortmund , Westfalenhalle - within which since '93 the " Mayday" the mother of all indoor raves takes place, the Westfalen Park and the remaining culture of brewing beer.
Ante Perry loves Borussia ... and beer. The native Romanian especially addresses himself to the task of enriching the nightlife of his city and also to establish its scene of electronic music to an internationally known brand. Therefor he is willing to use all available funds.
As a DJ he has been active for over a decade behind the decks to bring his definition of modern House to the people , which is just as honest and straightforward , like it befits for a true Ruhrgebeatler. He plays his records in no questionable Dortmund dives, but regularly in the most prestigious clubs in the country as well as on festivals such as Nature One, Mayday, Juicy Beats or the Berlin Katermukke Festival and is a frequently booked guest in Countries such as Belgium, Denmark, France, Croatia, Russia, Spain, Austria or Switzerland. Best understood he feels in his extra-long sets, preferred to him all-night-long, in which he builds up the dramaturgical tension of the night, from warm-up through to peak time and beyond. His preference for long set does in no way deny him the ability to deliver compressed for a short set on a button. The bottom line is usually the same: a head standing Floor!
"Flashing Disco Sounds" are served by Ante as part of his own radio show for the third year on the Bavarian station egoFM . With not only his heart on the right place, but also on the tongue, he presents every second Saturday from 9pm-10pm a potpourri of different sounds and styles, garnished with entertaining revelations from the scene.
Own productions are a popular medium for Dortmund´s Ante for many years now to deliver his personal moods of house music close to the crowd and to set the international club scene in motion. The 2006 debut " Beach Power", "The Big Bang" and "Human You" have undoubtedly earned a place of honor in the Perry Discography , which on addition to various singles released on Labels as Moon Boutique, Systematic Recordings, Great Stuff and Kittball as well as remixes for acts such as Tube & Berger, Jennifer Rostock, Dapayk and Spirit Catcher, has emerged two album releases ("Flashing Disco Sounds I & II"), each in cooperation with his former studio partners Tube & Berger and Kolombo. Since 2012 Ante runs his own studio and places his selfproduced explosive club material on labels like Stil Vor Talent, We Play House, Katermukke, Upon You and Kittbal.
Mono Negro is the Perryan task force he teamed up with partner Flo Mrzdk, founded in Croatia on a vacation trip under the influence of loads of Karlovačko combined with the Adriatic Sun. Since then, Mono Negro, the dynamic duo, is on a live mission through the club's underworld – armed to the teeth with monstrous basslines, haunting vocals and infectious grooves, which they fire out via Ableton , Akai & Numark controller, Midi Pad, DJM and CDJs and deglaze with Karlovačko , confetti and glitter. Their soundtrack so far is known in two parts, with the "Mono Negro EP" on Stil Vor Talent and the current release on Kittball.
"Be An Ape" - The Dream of an own label matured since early activities as an A&R manager for the labels Punx and Polo and is finally becoming a reality in October 2013. The imprint will serve in the first place as a platform for his own music and will publish quite nostalgic black gold, with a release philosophy, that is so wide-ranging and unpredictable like the DJ sets the label owner - Deep to peak, everything is possible!
Ante Perry & Dirty Doering - A.Foley (Music Video)
Ante Perry on Tour w/ djs-face! TEASER
Ante Perry - Beach Power 2017
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