Bert Bevans играл на частных вечеринках в «Studio 54 New York».
Был диджеем резидентом в Playboy, Studio 54, Xenons, Pippins, Bonds, New York New York и другими.

Вместе с Justin Berkmann, основали и построили оригинальное Ministry Of Sound в Лондоне, и был одним из первых резидентов вместе Larry Levan и Justin.

Bert Bevans делал ремиксы для всех крупных звезд от Paul McCartney, Depeche Mode, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Style Council, Big Audio Dynamite, Sugar Babes, Anane, CHIC, и Omar до Mr V's.

В течение последних нескольких лет, Bert помогает строить клуб "Seduction" на Пхукете (кстати который имел туры Ministry Of Sound и Hed Kandy ) , и совсем недавно Bert заключил сделку с Cafe del Mar Ibiza, чтобы открыть клуб на Пхукете в декабре 2017 года.

Bert Bevans is the British Honduras born DJ
who started out playing "Block Parties" in Hollis, New York
- followed by other legendary NYC clubs like:
Studio 54, Paradise Garage, Xenon, Electric Circus, Bonds and the Playboy Club.
Through a 2 years stop-over in Virgin Islands he made his way to London
and ended up as one of the first resident DJ's of the Ministry of Sound.
Bert is still busy as ever and travels all over the world to do guest spots in various clubs.
For more details - continue reading the full interview...

Bert Bevans and his twin brother Robert were born in Belize, British Honduras in the late 1950's.
Bert's twin brother came first, so Bert was the younger of the two and he had to stay in hospital for almost 3 months in an incubator after this birth.
Unfortunately Robert passed away in July of 1991 when his kidneys couldn't take any more after hard drug abuse. But the brothers were always very close through out life and their family could sometimes not deal with how close they were. They even used to finish each other's sentences.
The family moved to New York July 27, 1969 and settled down in Jamaica, Queens and later moved to Hollis, Queens - where he lived during his teens. After school he studied aviation, but he never finish the education - as he tells me himself: "If I had graduated, I would have had to go to Vietnam, so I left. I still love flying though!".
Bert explains that he becoming a DJ was kind of a "Natural Progression". He started out doing "Block Parties" in Hollis and then things more or less just happened. He never planned to be a DJ, but when he worked in Melody's Record Shop, most of NY DJ's came there to get the latest releases. They liked him and would invite him to their clubs... And the rest is history!
So, I [Discoguy] asked Bert: Have you ever done something else - Or has DJ'ing been your life?
"I have had a few other jobs but always in entertainment."
Among other things Bert worked as Assistant Promotion Manager for Starr Arning at Prelude Records. His friend Francois Kevorkian helped him to that job.

Starting out with the "Block Parties" with the "boyz in the hood" - guys like Run DMC, LL Cool Jand others - in Hollies in the early 1970's, these parties led to other and between 1975 and 1977 he could be heard in clubs like Sesame St, Leviticus', Pep Maguire's and many others.
All of this leading to the work in the record store which led to Bert's first paid gig...
"My first paid gig was a guest spot at Infinity's on Broadway for Maurice Brahms. Jim Burgesswas the resident, but he didn't want to play, so I got the gig.
John Addison found out about it and the next week I was doing lights for Francois K and Raul Rodriguez, and even sometimes DJ'ing at New York, New York.
A friend of mine, Joel, worked at Les Mouches and he got me private parties there."

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