Supafly was formed in 1999, composed of Panos Liassi ("Mister P"), a songwriter and producer from London whose influences in music style stem from hip-hop, dance and funk, and Andrew Tumi ("One"), a singer and songwriter whose talent emerged from his passion for reggae, soul and West African rhythms.

They have released numerous global hit singles of which "Let's Get Down" and "Moving Too Fast" are the best known and which have helped make them and their music style globally recognizable. As a result of their success, the band began a 3 year world tour, performing in Russia, Australia, Europe, UK, Asia and Africa.

Having won the reputation for extraordinary live shows, the best parties and underground radio shows in London, they built on their name and communicated to a broad audience by appealing to a diverse demographic. Exceptional success has continued as the group had sold out tours in some of the world's most renowned venues and performed to an audience of over 50,000 people in Malaysia

Supafly Inc. - Moving Too Fast
Supafly Inc. - Lets Get Down
Supafly Inc & Dj fenix - I Believe
Supafly Inc. Live in Ibiza
SUPAFLY ft Shahin Badar - Happiness (Raf Riley Remix)
Pleasure Love - De Funk
Supafly - Let's Get Down / Frederico Scavo Remix
SUPAFLY ft Shahin Badar - Happiness
Supafly Performing 'I Believe' on SPLASH! Lebanon
'Happiness' single launch at DSTRKT London
Supafly Closing 10 day Portuguese Festival
Supafly Inc & Molella .- X-Rated
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